!cid_f_k6kdbyb50Today I’d like to introduce you to my fellow CIR author, Hannah Ross. Hannah Ross wrote her first story at the age of six and hasn’t stopped since. Wishing to have a steady profession, she trained as a clinical nutritionist, but the writing bug was too strong and Hannah continued to write fiction in the form of short stories, novels, poetry and plays, as well as many non-fiction essays and articles.

Hannah enjoys a quiet life in the country with her husband, four children, two cats and a flock of chickens.

So, Hannah, we’re dying to hear about your books, but first I have three questions so we can get to know you a bit better. Here goes. First, you have written over a dozen books in the fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction genres. That is quite a range! What attracts you to write in all of these genres?

I think that, as widely as my writing ranges, what all my books have in common is the element of escapism, of moving to a different reality for a bit, be it a modern research station in Antarctica, a village in medieval Ethiopia, or an entirely imaginary fantasy world. This creation and exploration of different worlds is what I love most about writing.

My books are clean of explicit scenes, but they do include violence and mild swearing.

Well, I think a bit of escapism is good for everyone, at least from time to time! Now, for the next question. What books most influenced your life or your writing?

That’s a tough one; there are so many books I love and admire, so many authors, both classic and contemporary, who have become mentors and friends. From Thomas Hardy to all the Russian classics, Ray Bradbury to J.R.R. Tolkien, and the more modern works of fantasy such as Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire, I am thankful for these great minds and great books. But if you were to ask which books I reread most often, the answer would probably be everything by Jane Austen.

Wow, I have to agree with all those. I grew up on Ray Bradbury and Tolkien, and have read all the Harry Potter books at least once, and although the Game of Thrones books were toooooo thick for me, I watched the entire series … more than once!  Now, one last question before we learn about your books. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Apart from writing and, of course, reading, I like to express my creativity in practical ways. Namely, I crochet clothes, toys, baskets, and home décor. I make soap, candles, and natural body care products. There’s nothing more satisfying than using a unique, quality product I have made myself. I love my garden and animals – we have two cats and a flock of chickens, which never fail to entertain us with their antics. I also enjoy taking nature walks with my children whenever I have the chance. All these low-tech activities help me decompress and reconnect with an island of inner peace within me. And I enjoy teaching my children in the process, too!
Sounds like you lead an ideal life. So, let’s hear about your books.

The Breath of Earth (Frozen World Book 3) by [Ross, Hannah]

The Breath of Earth (the third instalment in The Frozen World series) is my most recent book.

The entire Frozen World series is in the sub-genre of what can be defined as environmental science fiction. It tells about a near-utopian society of the Anai, an isolated tribe living in a warm microclimate pocket in Antarctica. The themes, the universal questions of these stories revolve around humankind and its relations with nature. Namely, can people coexist with nature without despoiling it? Can the desire to do right and preserve the world we live in overcome greed and power struggles? What are some things one is never justified in doing, not even in the name of survival?

Sounds awesome, Hannah. Now, you can find this book, and all Hannah’s books, on Amazon.  Click here to be taken to her author page.

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