Today I’d like to introduce you to my fellow CIR author, Rich Bullock.

Rich Bullock writes stories of ordinary people put in perilous situations, where lives are changed forever. 

His first writing experience was at ten years old on a well-used Remington typewriter, where several keys added extra spaces, and clearing the tangled print arms was a continual chore. The old machine lasted through high school all-nighters.

Fortunate to grow up in small-town San Luis Obispo, California, he developed an eye for settings that remind people of home, and characters you’d like to have next door (except for the killers). He now lives and writes in Redding, California where, on most days, he sees Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta. But his favorite places in the world are Perilous Cove and Storm Lake.

While all of Rich’s books are “clean reads”, the more suspenseful stories do have violence.

Now some of you may remember Rich from when I interviewed him about a year ago, but he’s got a new release  so let’s hear about it, shall we?

Night Skyy

As a teen, I listened to Wolfman Jack, a late-night radio show broadcast on XERB “The Mighty 1090” AM station located near Tijuana, Mexico. It was irreverent and deliciously appealing to teenagers in the 1960s. Then came Delilah and her advice to the lovelorn, followed by John Tesh’s Intelligence for Your Life. I asked myself how these shows would look if they all merged in today’s Internet world.

As I thought about it, I couldn’t NOT write Skyy Delaney’s story as Skyy D, host of the Night Thoughts Internet radio show that targets teens and twenty-somethings. Skyy dispenses advice, reads posted questions, and talks with the occasional caller. But when a young girl calls in, Skyy is torn. The girl is in obvious trouble and Skyy wants to help, but how can she when she doesn’t even know where the girl is?

When Skyy begins trading messages with a man who says he’s a cop, she begins to realize living in a virtual world might be safe, but it’s not what she wants for the long term. Can she take a risk and reach out?

You can find this new book, and all of Rich’s books, on Amazon, by clicking here.


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