You might be wondering about my logo … why an author would have a silly cartoon of a black and white cat as their logo.

Black Cat for LOGOWell, the secret is out. I’m an animal lover. Completely animal mad. Always have been, always will be. Top of the list, cats. Big cats, little cats, stray cats, spoiled cats, mountain cats, and yes, even tigers lions and cheetahs. I can’t have those big ones, but I have had lots of domestic cats, including three very special female black & white moggies (as we call them here in Australia). The one in the red frame is the one I have now, the other two are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.


As for other animals, I’m currently the proud mother of eight “fur kids” – four cats, three horses and one dog. Here’s the whole family.

Whisky and Axl at the water troughIMG_6940

IMG_1455in front of the fire

And where we live we’re fortunate to have lots of other wildlife come visit us. We even had this little koala visit us one day!


Kanga in front yard


bluetongue in window