Meet fellow Clean Indie Reads author Shannon L. Mokry – with a New Release!


!cid_B2FA7F71-4A7D-40AB-995E-3BB4B85C9F04Today I’d like to introduce fellow CIR author Shannon Mokry. Welcome Shannon!  Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Sandy – I grew up in sunny California and then moved to Texas about twenty years ago where I now live with my husband, three daughters, cats,  and chickens. I’ve been a writer since grade school, and set out on my current journey to share my stories about three years ago. The Bubbles stories came about  due to stories I would tell my youngest daughter Charlotte when she would get me up during the night. She’s my inspiration. My first book “Bubbles and the Berry Bush” for example came about because she needed something fierce to keep her dreams safe, but not something scary, so we got a bubble blowing dragon. Then I decided if she was going to make me think I’d give her something to keep her brain busy while she slept. So that first book deals with conflict resolution and forgiveness.  My next picture book was just released, its called Bubbles and the Shark Attack. Like the first book, its designed to teach something. In this case its teaching kids to be aware of what’s going on around them. Children are naturally self-centered, we need to combat that by teaching them that they need to be aware of more than themselves. Lets face it the world is full of sharks, and we want our kids to stay safe. Don’t worry about this book being too scary, I did write it as a bedtime story for my own very sensitive little girl.

Hey, I’m from California originally too! But with your books, how sweet! Written for your own daughter, and now being shared with others! Makes me wish I had someone to read a bedtime story to! Well, before we learn any more about your books, I have three questions for you so here we go. First, what three things would you say are the most important for an aspiring author to keep in mind as they being their writing journey?

Inspiration comes from all different places, so carry a writing journal so you don’t forget the good ideas. The first draft is never your best draft, rewrites are important, but don’t overthink it to the point that you don’t finish. Lastly, get to know your audience, who are you writing for? Yourself or a specific group? It’s okay if you’re writing just for yourself, just be honest about it.

Great advice! Now, second question, what makes you happiest as an author?

Getting feedback from kids. Of course feedback from the parents is good too, but when a kid runs up and tells me how much they love my characters, its an awesome feeling.

It’s always wonderful to hear your books are appreciated! Now, one last question – Are you indie published, traditionally published, or hybrid? And what are your thoughts
on the whole indie vs. traditional topic?

I’m an Indie. I actually started my own micro publishing house, Sillygeese Publishing, LLC. I love being an indie, I researched all my options and decided I wanted the control that you only get as an Indie. It is definitely the more expensive route, especially for a picture book. Its also very rewarding. My thoughts? Every book has to be evaluated for
its possible success as a traditional or indie book, I’m not ruling anything out
for my future, I can only say I like my decision so far.

I’m indie too–and yes, I love the control it gives you in every aspect. Now, how about telling us about your newest release?

As mentioned above, this book is designed to teach  kids to be aware of what’s going on around them. Lets face it the world is full of sharks, and we want our kids to stay safe. Don’t worry about this book being too scary, I did write it as a bedtime story for my own very sensitive little girl.

You can find this book on Amazon by clicking here.

Or you can visit Shannon’s author profile here.

Meet my fellow Romance Writers of Australia author, M C D’Alton – with a New Release

me2Today I’d like to introduce author M C D’Alton, a fellow RWA author (Michelle). Welcome Michelle, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

My first name is Michelle, but I decided to write under the pen name of MC D’Alton. D’Alton was the last name of my maternal great grandfather.

I am cook, cleaner, taxi driver and all around go-to person in my household. I make sure to spend at least an hour each day writing. I am currently attempting to get a degree in writing.

Born in South Africa, my husband and I packed up and moved to Australia in 2010.

Besides being blessed with triplet boys, moving to a new country was both the greatest adventure, and adjustment of our lives. Raising three children of the same age left no room for my calling as a nurse and so I decided to concentrate on my second love – writing.

My passion for writing about the fantastical and love swept, started at an early age. I lose myself in daydreams and what if’s whenever life spares a free minute. I am a huge romantic but also love drama, mystery, intrigue and the unknown.

My Goal — to create worlds where people can escape to for a few precious moments, places where magic is the order of the day, and love is served on a silver platter.

I hope you enjoy what is on offer.

Thanks, Michelle. We’re going to learn about your new release, but first I’ve got three questions so we can learn a bit more about you. First, what inspired you to become an author, and how old were you at the time?

I was a young child when I scribbled down my first tale. My great grandmother was a phenomenal story teller, I was ten when she passed. I spent hours listening to her tales of her and her rat bag older brother as they grew up on the sugar cane farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa in the 1920’s.

Because I suffer dyslexia I never was able to fall in love with the language, that and the fact that my year seven teacher refused to teach a dumb child, but I had and always will have a great love for storytelling.

You’re to be congratulated on overcoming the challenges and on persevering with the storytelling! Thank goodness you didn’t let that one teacher put you off your dream! Now, next question: Who are your favourite authors, and why?

Juliette Marillier – she has the most amazing skill of bringing legends and tales to life in epic saga’s.

Diana Gabaldon – This woman can write men like no other author I have ever read and… we all like kilts 😉

Dalene Mathee – a south African author. Go read Fiela’s Child, Circles in a Forest, The Mulberry Forest and you will see why.

Ah, epic love sagas and men in kilts … yes! Okay, one last question: Where are your books set? And have you been there, or spent significant time there?

Some are set here in Australia. One Epona a WIP which starts off in South Africa and ends in the Highlands of Scotland.

Ooooo … that’ll be one to watch for, for sure! Now, let’s hear about this new release of yours. And just as a heads up, M C D’Alton’s book tend to be more on the spicy than clean side. See comment below **

My latest release though, Memories of Love, is a Romantic suspense based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is based on the legend of Tristan and Isolde, but it is definitely inspired by the original star-crossed lovers, except that this time they do have a happy ever after!

Final MOL 1 - MC Dalton


Isabella Irish, an up and coming artist, wants to get on with her new life after a bomb blast robs her of her memories.

Mark Cornwall, her manager, persistently pushes for more than a working relationship.

The appearance of a stranger stirs lost memories and deep feelings she can’t explain. Roses, honeysuckle, and a brush with death, lead Isabella to uncover her past and the true love of her life.

Find Memories of Love on Amazon by clicking here.

** With the exception of Roan’s Desire (paranormal erotic short story) in the ‘Romancing the Stones’ Anthology, my books are spicy (not clean) romances. So, there are love scenes but they’re not over the top. I like to leave something to my readers imagination.


A Chance to Get it Right – on sale

If you haven’t yet read A Chance to Get it Right, now might be the time to grab it – the eBook is just $.99 US for a limited time.   Oh, and it’s only on Amazon.

A Chance to Get it Right - Cover-small file

Katrina Jacobs knows something is missing from her life—even though most would say she has it all. But when she pays a visit to her sister in the sleepy rural town of Willows, she discovers what’s been missing.

Richard Jensen has the looks, the money and the career—now all he needs is the perfect wife. He’s convinced Katrina’s the one; he just needs to make it happen.

Terry Winters doesn’t mind the whispers going on in town—after all, he moved to Willows for his horses, and they don’t listen to rumours.

As Katrina grows fond of Willows, she finds herself caught in a battle between substance and form, learning that having it all isn’t the same as getting it right.

But is it just the town she’s enamoured with?

A Chance to Get it Right is the second instalment in the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series, and while this is a stand-alone story with respect to the main characters, some of the characters from the first book, A Chance to Come True, make appearances as life continues in the rural town of Willows.

Meet fellow Clean Indie Reads author Sarah Ashwood – with a New Release!

Author pic 2Today I’d like to introduce you to fellow CIR author Sarah Ashwood. Welcome Sarah — would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi Sandy, I’m fantasy author Sarah Ashwood, author of the Sunset Lands Beyond trilogy, the novella Amana, and the forthcoming Beyond the Sunset Lands series.

I grew up in the wooded hills outside the oldest town in Oklahoma, and I hold a B.A. in English from American Military University. In my imagination, I soar effortlessly through my favorite fantasy and historical worlds. In real life, I live (mostly) quietly at home with my husband and three sons. (Yes, I’m a boymom of three!) I also try to sneak in a daily run or workout to save my sanity and keep my mind fresh for my next story.

So nice to meet you, Sarah. I understand you have a new release, but before we talk about that, I’ve got three questions for you 🙂  Here goes … one, if you could tell your younger self something you know now, with respect to your writing career, what would it be?

I would say, Hey, your first draft is going to stink. Maybe the second and third drafts also. Don’t believe you’re a fabulous author just because you’ve written a book. However, don’t count yourself out, either. Revise. Revise, revise, revise! And when you think you’ve got that rough draft pretty well polished, revise some more.

Get beta readers. I cannot stress how important this is. I really, really wish my younger self had known this before my first book was published. Beta readers are gold: not only do they pick up typos you missed, they can find plot holes, offer scene suggestions, ask questions about your characters’ motivations that you may not be able to answer (because you hadn’t thought of them), and a whole host of other things that will ultimately make your book better.

Pay attention to negative reviews. Sure, some may have nothing helpful to say, but if a lot of them are saying the same things, pay attention to that. Your book may need some strengthening in those areas. Don’t tune them out!

Great advice, Sarah. I agree completely. So, following on from that comes the next question … do you read the reviews that others leave for your books? 

As you probably guessed by reading the above question, yes, I absolutely do. I read every review readers leave for me. There are two reasons for this. The first is that a positive review can give you exactly the push you need to keep going on the days you feel like giving up. They are sunshine to authors. They tell us we’re doing the right thing and are headed in the right direction.

The other reason I read reviews is because, also as alluded to above, there is a lot to be gained from criticism. It stings—of course it does! But sometimes reviewers have picked up on something about your book or your characters that you simply didn’t catch. It’s wise to see if you can take away anything from negative reviews in terms of making that book or future books better, then walk away and let the review go. Don’t dwell on it. That can drive you crazy. Acknowledge, ultimately, that your book isn’t going to be for everyone and move on.

Pearls of wisdom there, Sarah. Learn from the bad, enjoy the good, and then move on. Now, for one last question … where are your books set? And have you been there, or spent significant time there?

Well, my book predominately take place in a parallel world called Aerisia, so, no, I haven’t visited there. (Except mentally. Does that count?) However, the opening of my Sunset Lands Beyond trilogy takes place with the MC, Hannah, jogging down a country road, which I used to do frequently. Annie, the heroine in Aerisian Refrain, my newest book, is from the Oklahoma panhandle, which I’ve travelled through a couple of times.

One common setting I find popping up repeatedly in my fantasy novels is forests. Lots of action going on in the forests. I can only attribute that to the fact that I grew up in the country—in a log home way out in the woods. I’ve always thought forests were mysterious and magical, and my love of where I grew up shines through in my writing, I think.

Oh, I’m sure it does! I love forests too … well, in the daytime anyway 😉  So … tell us about this new book of yours.

I’m primarily an epic fantasy writer, but my fantasy has elements of portal fantasy and fairytale, since I love both of those genres.

My Sunset Lands Beyond trilogy tells the story of a young college student, Hannah Winters, who is unexpectedly taken to a parallel world, Aerisia, where she’s told she is that world’s prophesied savior. There’s a couple of hitches, though. Hannah doesn’t have any supernatural abilities, and she’s not buying the idea that she’s some predestined savior. However, neither her allies nor her enemies are agreeing, and her life is in danger as soon as she arrives in Aerisia. What’s it gonna take for a girl from Earth to prove that’s where she belongs?

Or does she?

Beyond the Sunset Lands is sort of a follow up series to this first trilogy, although it can be read as a stand-alone. It contains many of the same characters. The first book, Aerisian Refrain, has just been released.

You can find all of Sarah’s books on Amazon, and her newest book here:

You can find more about my books here on my website. I do consider myself a “clean” author in that I don’t use curse words and I don’t write sex scenes. I also try to keep violence contained. Nothing too graphic, in other words. However, I don’t shy away from tough topics or real emotions. For that reason, I usually give my books a PG-13 rating.

Christmas in July – Book Sale – July 21-25

Christmas in July Promo - FINAL

It’s Christmas in July, and to celebrate I’ve gotten together with some of my fellow indie authors who write clean romance to bring you a collection of Christmas themed books and novellas — some are free and some are just 99 pennies. There’s something for everyone with a mixture of contemporary and historical romances, and while they differ in style, they all share the joy of Christmas within their pages.

Please note that while we’ve all done our best to get the books either FREE or $.99 sometimes things can go wrong, so please double check the prices before purchasing.


ACF-SNOW cover

With a double wedding and Christmas fast approaching, love is in the air—or is it?

Of course Debra Franklin is looking forward to her best friend’s wedding; she just wishes she wasn’t dateless again, because even though she’s made plans to leave the small-town gossips behind, she knows the wedding photos with her looking like a spinster will last forever. But when the tall-dark-and-handsome Jim Mitchell, with his cobalt blue eyes shadowed by an American cowboy hat, appears on the scene just a week before the wedding she reckons her problem of being dateless might just be solved.

Megan Saunders has always wanted a White Christmas, and this year she’s having one—in Canada. But getting her wish is a double-edged sword as it means having less time with her best friend, Porter Murray, before he leaves for university. She’s getting her childhood wish fulfilled, so why does her future feel as bleak as a dusty road leading nowhere?

As Debra’s and Jim’s paths cross with the teenagers, they form unusual friendships—and their lives are changed in surprising ways.  Get A Chance for Snow free HERE.


Louise !cid_F804B97D-E91E-4946-9115-A7A76F26E883

Two nights before Christmas a stranger arrives in the middle of a storm.
At her remote outback home, renowned botanical artist Carrie Holt lives a life shadowed by the past. Christmas only brings painful memories and she plans to ignore invitations and spend the day alone.
Architect Adam Davidson had planned a special outback Christmas camping trip with his young son Tyler but when their car is destroyed during the storm they seek shelter in the only place they can.
With the roads cut off, Carrie is forced to play host to these unexpected guests. But as Christmas Day approaches, she finds herself drawn to Adam and suddenly the prospect of them leaving doesn’t seem so attractive. When her tragic past is revealed, Adam and Tyler hatch a plan to break its hold. Will Carrie be able to open her heart again and rediscover the magic of Christmas? 

Get An Outback Christmas HERE.


Kim !cid_29024EC1-01D5-4DBE-9EA7-5D6B726D4084

England 1814

Aria Parkhurst, Countess of Brenton, has made the match of the Season. Now all she wants is to have the perfect Christmas with her new husband. However, when the newlyweds arrive at their country estate to find that the Earl’s obnoxious cousin has made himself at home, Aria finds herself drawn into the webs of gossip and scandal that delight the ton. And, when a former suitor sets his eyes on her as a prize, will the Earl believe that she married him for love and not money? Or will Aria’s first Christmas as a bride see her dreams unravel? 

Get Christmas Aria HERE


Patty !cid_0895819C-0171-4F75-94D9-F6BF4DED5D1D@attlocalPhotographer Mitch Carson is tired of big city life. He just wants to settle down in a quiet town with his daughter, Angie. Even that doesn’t quell his fear of losing his daughter to his scheming mother-in-law.

Sophie Gardner wants to be a screenwriter. She’s ready to leave small-town Zutphen, Michigan and go to Hollywood. With a theater degree under her belt, she’s busy writing scripts while helping out her sister Joanie, who’s bedridden with a difficult pregnancy. Unfortunately, Joanie has somehow coerced Sophie into directing the Christmas pageant at Zutphen Community Church.

When Sophie and Mitch meet, the attraction is instant and mutual. But each wants what the other is trying to get away from. Can they deny their feelings and pursue their dreams? Or will the holiday prove to them that their true wishes might not be what they’d thought?   Get Christmas Wishes HERE


Jess - Holly & Mr Ivy 512N1D4ZTAL__SY346_

You know those stories where a pet accidentally sets up the romance?  It wasn’t an accident.

Canine matchmaker Holly has been given her first assignment and it’s a doozy. She must help her human find the perfect mate. The only problem is he is absolutely not interested in the woman Holly and her assistant, Kip, find for him. In fact, Tremayne Ivy and Victoria Claremont can’t stand each other. It will take all Holly’s training and a little Christmas magic to take these rivals from completely at odds to walking down the aisle.  

Get Holly and Mr. Ivy HERE


Carol Ann !cid_f_jjm3aok60 - smaller

Christmas is Madison’s favorite holiday, but this year is different. She has to face it alone, without her father and her best friend/boyfriend Bob, amid the problems of running her own high-stakes business and dealing with family issues.

Can the spirit of Christmas lift a heavy heart?  

Get Madison’s Christmas HERE




Tamie !cid_6E4DCAFB-D2C3-4B24-B7A6-78C4994939D8

December isn’t filled with the magic and joy for Noelle, just the looming dread she’s about to lose something else dear to her. Will she ever be rid of her Christmas curse?

When she adopts an injured shelter dog, she discovers the love of her life… a Golden Retriever named Abby. Perhaps being single is God’s plan for her, but at least she isn’t alone.

Her meddling family, however, is convinced she needs a man in her life. They introduce her to two irresistible men who couldn’t be more alike. Or more different. Both men sweep into her life, testing her faith, and stirring up desire and confusion in equal measure.

If she can just get through this humbug holiday without another heartache!

This sweet Christmas Romance tells the story of a believer, struggling to implement her faith in her everyday walk and battling fear to find the agape love that drives it away.

BONUS: Within this book you will find a link to hear an original song, a replay of the event which takes place in the story. Enjoy!   Get Noelle’s Golden Christmas HERE


Cherry cid_D95BD536-D299-4F7D-9134-9D2C4F464683Doctoral student Hannah Wagganer entertains dreams of teaching at a large university and leaving her hometown of Glen Arbor behind. That is until Jasper Morgan, the new mail carrier, arrives in town. Not only does he set Hannah’s heart a flutter, but he has an instant bond with her cat, Jingles.

Preparing for the church candlelight Christmas Eve service and running the family store, Hannah continues to bump into Jasper—and the prying eyes of the locals who suspect there’s more going on than business as usual.

Blessings and suspicions abound when an anonymous donor pays to have the church furnace repaired, and other locals suddenly find solutions to their problems. Is it coincidental, or the work of a secret angel?  Get Secret Angel HERE


Liwen !cid_2905A0BB-67FE-49F9-B4E5-22E7778D565B

Fed up with a string of bad blind dates, health blogger Alyssa Wu wants to drown her sorrows in ice cream. But there’s one more evening she must endure—a fake date with her best friend Barry Chang. They must convince her family they’re in love, an act which may (or may not) be easy to pull off, thanks to the magic of some mistletoe.

This 10,000 word short story is perfect for your lunch break, workout, or while you wait in line at the mall. Read it today to get into the Christmas spirit any time of the year! 

Get The More the Merrier HERE


Angela Image-1

Christmas of 1892 promises to be exciting for Zillia Eckhart, especially after she finds out her best friend and sister-in-law, Soonie, is coming home.

Soonie is anxious for her family to meet her husband, Lone Warrior. But threats line the Texas trails.

The two friends find themselves in a struggle for faith and family like they’ve never faced before. But family ties run swift and deep, sure as the Colorado River.  

Get The River Girl’s Christmas HERE

Meet fellow Clean Indie Reads author Ciecie Newson with her debut release

!cid_E6BA7497-3D87-41BC-9C40-5AB898C0AB56Today I’d to introduce you to my fellow CIR author, Ciecie Newson.

Ciecie Newson is a writer who grew up in North East Ohio. She has written stories since she could hold a pencil, but her published work until this point focused on medical research and technical software documentation.

Ciecie has a blog site where she muses on the healthy lifestyle of a writer and gives out tips on writing and marketing.

Ciecie, currently a single woman loving her single life, lives with her plants, travels with her sister and still manages to work a full-time job at Case Western Reserve University.

Welcome, Ciecie, thank you for joining me here today.

Thank you for allowing me to speak to you and your audience about my Clean Reads works.

So, before we learn a little about your debut book, let me ask you three questions. What was the inspiration for your current work in progress?

I love gardening.  I also love farm animals.  Many times I sit and visualize having my very own homestead.  Sometimes I take this visualization further by looking for farmland, or 2-4 acre parcels of land in a suburb near me.  I have spent hours each month watching YouTube videos of homestead families.  One day when I was in my visualization zone I wondered about farms that have been abandoned and how cool it would be if I could just squat on that land and create my dream homestead.  That led me to do some research on squatting laws in Ohio and other states.  It was this thought of Squatting on abandoned land that launched my story idea for my current book Squatter.  I have completed the first draft and am now working on refining the story for publishing.  It is a story of a young lady who Squats on the land she feels she has a right to and how the rich landowner deals with her when he finds out.

Well, that will certainly be interesting to read when it comes out! Next question, where are your books set?  And have you been there, or spent significant time there?

My first book, The Man Next door is set in the location of my current apartment, and neighborhood.  (I hope I have no stalkers.  – LOL)  The apartment across the hall from me was empty and my landlord was chatting after he had completed preparations to rent the unit.  I was teasing him and said to him, “You can only rent this apartment to a single man over the age of forty and under fifty-five.”  We had a good laugh over it, but when I went back into my apartment, I thought about if I were my perfect version of me, and my perfect man moved in across the hall, what would our perfect romance look like. So I wrote the story, in my apartment, in my Kamm’s Corners neighborhood, with guest appearances from my friends who own a local restaurant.

They do say to write what you know, so it sounds like you’ve followed that advice! Now, one last question then we’ll learn more about your debut book. Are you indie published, traditionally published or hybrid?  And what are your thoughts on the whole indie vs. traditional topic?

I can answer hybrid on this question.  My book I self-published on Amazon.  I started my writing career as a journalist and that is where my first writings began being published in the local city paper, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and medical journal, Pulse.  I currently have a blog where I actually answered the question about my thoughts on the topic which way I preferred to publish. You can read the full answer by visiting my blog, Ciecie’s World.

Well done on taking the self-publishing plunge … it’s an incredible journey, and different for everyone. Now, let’s find out about this book of yours.

L O V E – Many want it. Leanne wasn’t one of them. But when she meets Donovan, love becomes a possibility in her life she never expected.

The Man Next Door is a sweet BWWM romance. It is a book a mom can read with her teenage daughter. It is a story of building a relationship and friendship. There is not a sex scene in it, no man disrespecting his woman, no bondage, no taking a person out of their relationship with another. There are sweet kisses, passion, and alpha men that respect their strong women. Please enjoy this book and leave me a comment about why you found it enjoyable. 🙂