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Copperhead Creek Series with PREQUEL and awards - August 2019 - Copy

The Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series — Contemporary Small Town Romance — is available on  Amazon ,  Apple , and  Kobo. “Taking a Chance” — the series prequel — is FREE on all three sites.

Do you prefer to hold a real book in your hands? All books (other than the prequel) are also available in paperback. For US readers, you can get the books in paperback on Amazon, for Australian readers, you can get them from me. Use the contact me page for prices.

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The Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series is set in Victoria’s Golden Triangle, home of Australia’s 1850s Gold Rush. While the town in the series, Willows, is fictitious it was inspired by small towns that are scattered throughout Victoria and South Australia. Most have a Main Street or, as in Willows’ case a High Street, with at least one large pub, a beautiful Town Hall, perhaps an honourable war memorial, a news agency, and of course a fish & chips shop.

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My fictitious town has a creek running past the edge of town, Copperhead Creek, and many scenes take place along horse riding tracks and trails that follow the Creek. Many of these scenes were inspired by the places I ride my own horse.

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One thing that sets my stories apart from many others in the genre is that none of the books have any graphic sex or violence, and they contain minimal foul language, making them perfect for those of you who prefer to keep things a bit on the sweet/clean side.


YA Paranormal Romance Series

Absent Shadows trilogy  – Available on Amazon

My other series (trilogy) is Absent Shadows, a vampire/ghost story. Again, this story has no graphic sex or violence, and contains mild language.

IMG_0677The heroine of the story is a 19 year-old woman, Lili, who travels to Australia for a short break over her California summer, so it is set in Melbourne’s winter. Most of the action takes place in and around Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, an area rich in history. Lili’s favourite place to run is the Flagstaff Gardens which was the location of Melbourne’s original “burial hill” and she soon learns that the market’s car park was the Old Melbourne Cemetery where it is thought that there are still some 9,000 bodies that were never exhumed. Needless to say, the area makes the perfect setting for a story about ghosts and vampires!

If you’re interested in the history of the area, the internet has lots of information. A great place to start is here “onlymelbourne”.


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