At the age of five my life changed forever when I was plonked onto a black & white pony for a photograph. From that day on all I wanted was a horse.


At first, I had to settle for reading and writing stories about horses. I spent the next eleven years writing about the horses I pretended to ride through the rolling hills of coastal California until at the age of sixteen I got a job and saved up to buy my first horse. And what a horse he was!

Sandy & Dewey 1973For the next few years I spent all my free time riding my horse along the beaches, and seriously, I didn’t think life could get any better.

But when in the 1980s my employer offered me a permanent role in Australia, I knew it was something I had to do. I jumped at the opportunity, and this became an adventure of which I have never tired.

Now, permanently living in Australia, I’m still riding horses, only now I ride along tree-lined paths and hillsides.

Riding the Bounds Photos ISJS6988-811                Sandy & Whisky - 2G- 1 June 2008

And now that I’m retired from my day job, my other early love has come back to me–writing. I write from the semi-rural home I share with my husband, horses, cats and dogs–not to mention the kangaroos that share the paddocks with the horses from time to time.

My current series is Romancing the Californian Cowboys, set in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range which is the gold country of California. I have another six book series, the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series, which is Australian contemporary/small-town romance, with just a touch of spice, set within the Golden Triangle outside Melbourne. I have also written a YA paranormal romance trilogy, Absent Shadows, which is set mostly in Australia, in and around the Queen Victoria Market, but also partly in the San Francisco Bay Area.