Patricia Snelling original profile 300dpiToday I’d like to introduce my fellow CIR author, Patricia Snelling.

Patricia was raised in a small town in New Zealand. From the age of five she rode horses which her family owned and trained, often winning prizes in the local horse shows. During her early life, her parents had lived off the land, initially share-milking and later as horticulturalists. During the school holidays, Patricia and her various horses were regular visitors to neighbouring farms. She remembers the friendly farm dogs, waking with roosters at dawn and picking the wild blackberries to be served with fresh cream straight from the cows. She loved the rural life and even when her family moved to the town, she continued to spend her holidays on the farms with the horses and animals she loved.

After completing her nursing studies and qualifying as a Registered Nurse, Patricia spent six years abroad, living in Australia and Europe doing a variety of jobs between her nursing roles.  She returned home to start a family and now resides in on the Hibiscus Coast of New Zealand where she has retired and instead of just reading fiction, she is fulfilling her passion of writing fictional novels.

Wow, what a childhood, Patricia! I didn’t get my first horse until I was 16! Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood, and like me, you’re now retired and enjoying your writing. So … before we learn about your books, I’ve got three questions for you! First, What was the inspiration for your last book? 

I have wonderful memories of my horse riding days and love to relive them. The South Island of New Zealand is my favourite place and I have had great holidays in Queenstown, horse riding along the Dart River in Glenorchy,  Lord of the Rings country. I have enjoyed travelling and road trips since I was young.

I was there two years ago! What a beautiful part of the world. I’ve even used a photo taken of me in Queenstown as my profile photo–such a beautiful and inspirational place Next question, do you read the reviews that others leave for your books? 

I always read the reviews as I can learn from them and become encouraged and motivated.

So true. Even the reviews that aren’t so flattering can teach us things. Now, one last question–where are your books set? And have you been there, or spent significant time there?

All my books are set in places I have either lived in or travelled around. I am always inspired by my environment.

Me too. I like to close my eyes and remember what it felt like to be in a place when I’m writing about it. So–let’s hear about your books now.

I get most of my inspiration for writing from many interesting people I have met or adventures I have had that have left me with an impression. I write stories based on faith, hope and love and in particular, the ability of the oppressed to rise above their circumstances and overcome huge setbacks in their lives.

My favorite genres are inspirational, wholesome romantic suspense and cozy mysteries.

My hometown is near the seaside in an idyllic coastal part of New Zealand which I love, surrounded by beautiful native trees and birds. This also inspires me. ​

It is a privilege for me to be able to write Christian Fiction as a way of sharing my Christian values and reaching others in stories that convey God’s healing power, His love and His way of life. It is different from preaching as my stories enable readers to relate to their own struggles and hopefully encourage a spiritual solution to life’s challenges. Forgiveness and God’s grace are at the core of the narratives in my novels.

That’s really lovely, Patricia. So, you have a new release out … where can we find it?

All my books are available on Amazon–click here to go to the page.

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