Cropped Photo for BreeToday I’d like to introduce you to fellow CIR author Bree Livingston. Here’s Bree’s bio.

Bree Livingston lives in the West Texas Panhandle with her husband, children, and cats. She’d have a dog, but they took a vote and the cats won. Not in numbers, but attitude. They wouldn’t even debate. They just leveled their little beady eyes at her and that was all it took for her to nix getting a dog. Her hobbies include…nothing because she writes all the time.

She loves carbs, but the love ends there. No, that’s not true. The love usually winds up on her hips which is why she loves writing romance. The love in the pages of her books are sweet and clean, and they definitely don’t add pounds when you step on the scale. Unless of course, you’re actually holding a Kindle while you’re weighing. Put the Kindle down, and try again. Also, the cookie because that could be the problem too. She knows from experience.

Ha ha ha, don’t we all! So, Bree has been very busy lately, releasing several books in Clean Billionaire Romance series. We’ll hear about them in a moment, but for now, three questions. Firstly, what three things would you say are the most important for an aspiring author to keep in mind as they begin their writing journey?

  • The first, not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. Just remember to keep your lighter in your pocket and don’t burn any bridges.
  • Second, don’t be too hard on yourself. No one has this all figured out no matter how together they seem.
  • And third, don’t begrudge someone else’s success. Everyone starts at zero.

So true!  We all have a journey to go on, and it’s not going to be the same for everyone. 🙂  Now, next question, if you could tell your younger self something you know now, with respect to your writing career, what would it be?

  • Just write romance, you dork. You love to read it, so you might as well write what you love.

So true!  Write what you know, and write what you love. Could you imagine me writing a book about trekking in some jungle looking for endangered species ?  Yeah, as if! But horses, yeah, I’ve got that covered! So of course, if you LOVE reading romance, who better to write it! Okay, moving right along now … last question. How much time per week would you spend writing? Or are you a full-time author?

  • I’m full-time. I’ll write a few months at a time, then spend a few months editing what I’ve written while my creativity cup gets filled up again. So far this year, I’ve written six books.

Wow, now that what I call being a prolific writer!

Bree’s newest release is Her Fake Billionaire Fiancé: A Clean Billionaire Romance Book Four    She needs the money. He needs a fiancée. It’s just business…too bad their hearts didn’t get the memo.


The whole series sounds terrific, and I for one am definitely going to go have a look!

You can find all of Bree’s books on Amazon, at her Author Page.


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