authorphotoToday I’d like to introduce my fellow CIR author, Tammy Sinclair.

Tammy Sinclair has loved writing stories from the time she was a small child. During her fifteen years of home-schooling her children, she had a non-fiction article published in Homeschool Enrichment magazine. A history buff and romantic at heart, she can be found enjoying the outdoors, cozying up with a good book or watching classic movies in her spare time. She resides in Oregon with her incredible husband and two amazing, young-adult daughters.

Welcome, Tammy!  Now, before we hear about your wonderful books, let me ask you three questions so we can get to know you a bit better. First, what inspired you to become an author, and how old were you at the time?

I think I started writing stories just as soon as I could pick up a crayon. In fact, to this day, I still have a little book I made when I was about seven! It’s just a couple folded sheets of pink paper with a story and illustrations, so it’s amazing that I managed to keep it through the decades!

I kept writing all through my life, though I didn’t always finish my stories. It wasn’t until very recently that I was finally determined to finish a complete novel and have it published. I suddenly realized that time was marching on and I needed to take action to help make my dream come true. I had stories that needed to be told!

These days, I’m inspired to write fiction that uplift and entertain, while hopefully pointing people to our loving God through the pages.

Well, I think we’re all glad you decided to take action! Now, next question, what was the inspiration for your latest book?

I have a novella soon to be launched, but my first and only novel recently published was a long-time labor of love for me! The Sentimental Journey is a Christian WWII romance with time travel.

WWII has always been my favorite era. From the fashions to the music and movies, it has always held a special charm for me. It was so much fun for me to live vicariously through Kara, the heroine in this story, as she gets to experience this special time in history.It was also a time of uncertainty and fear for the entire world. I think there is much to be learned from what the world faced during WWII, especially given our present circumstances.

I agree, absolutely. Though that era never interested me that much in the past, I’ve read a couple of books and seen a few series on television that have changed me. It was a hard time for all, indeed, and much can be learned from those times. One last question for you, what was the most challenging part of writing your recent novel?

I suppose the biggest challenge was not only engaging the reader with the characters and events, but aiming for complete historical accuracy. Because the 1940s had been my favorite era most of my life, I already knew quite a bit about this amazing era. Of course, I still had plenty to learn, though. I spent countless hours in research…ship building, overseas battles…right down to the exact dates of when specific songs and movies came out! It was actually a fun challenge, though. I think when we write about something we truly love, it tends to show through to readers in the final story.

I’ve not tried to write historical fiction, and I’m impressed that you’ve done it for your first novel! I recently read a book called Khaki Town, written by Australian novelist Judy Nunn, and I was impressed with the huge number of references she had for her research. Not an easy feat. So, let’s hear a bit more about this book of yours.


The Sentimental Journey is a Christian WWII romance with time travel. When a young woman finds herself suddenly on the American home front of 1943, a family is now residing in her house. Unaware of her secret, they take her under their wing…and soon their enlisted son returns before he’s to be shipped overseas. She finds herself instantly drawn toward him but doesn’t think their time together can possibly last.

Throughout the pages…throughout the tender romance she discovers…the theme of trusting God- no matter where we find ourselves, is woven throughout the pages.


Thank you for joining me here today, Tammy. Your book sounds wonderful. You can find The Sentimental Journey on Amazon, by clicking here.



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