Today I’d like to introduce best-selling author, Ann B Harrison. Ann has the perfect backdrop for her imagination to run wild, the lush wine growing region of the Hunter Valley in Australia. She alternates her time between writing western romances, romantic suspense and walking her dog, Chilli.

Two kinds of hero make Ann to a mass of nerves. The hot cowboy with a slow sexy drawl (she used to live out in the desert where they were more common than where she lives now) and a man in a kilt. Imagine Jamie Fraser and you’ll understand why. She can’t wait to visit Scotland where she can get her fill of the tartan clad hotties for, um, research purposes, of course.

In the meantime, her dear husband puts up with her talking to her characters and getting lost in worlds only she can imagine as she battles to bring stories to the page for everyone to enjoy.

Ah yes, the life of the author’s husband … 🙂  Now, Ann, I have three questions for you and then we’ll learn all about your new book! 

First, what inspired you to become an author, and how old were you at the time? Funnily enough, I never planned on being an author. I was happy so long as I had a book in my hands and that was from a very early age. One day in 2010 I had a sentence go through my head when I woke up and every day it grew. I decided to write it down and that became a three book YA series. My brain hasn’t stopped since.

Ha! Well, you’ve been busy then if you only started writing in 2010 … did I see 35 books for you? Well done! Now, next question … If you could tell your younger self something you know now, with respect to your writing career, what would it be? Start earlier. Seriously, I don’t know how I’m going to get all the stories in my head out with the years I have left.

Great advice!  Wish I’d started earlier too. I’ve got three books floating around in my head at the moment, so I know the feeling.  Last question … what three things would you say are the most important for an aspiring author to keep in mind as they being their writing journey?  Listen to those that go before you and know what they’re doing, learn from anyone prepared to teach you and never give up if this is your dream.

Well said!  Now, tell us about your new book.


The Convenient Cowboy is the second in my Hansen Brother’s Series.

It follows the trials and tribulations of three young men who lost their parents at an early age and have to make the best of their lives after the grandfather who raised them, dies. This means changes which can be a challenge.

You can find it on Amazon, or on my website.



Thanks for joining me today, Ann, and I look forward to seeing more of your books in the future!

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