me2Today I’d like to introduce author M C D’Alton, a fellow RWA author (Michelle). Welcome Michelle, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

My first name is Michelle, but I decided to write under the pen name of MC D’Alton. D’Alton was the last name of my maternal great grandfather.

I am cook, cleaner, taxi driver and all around go-to person in my household. I make sure to spend at least an hour each day writing. I am currently attempting to get a degree in writing.

Born in South Africa, my husband and I packed up and moved to Australia in 2010.

Besides being blessed with triplet boys, moving to a new country was both the greatest adventure, and adjustment of our lives. Raising three children of the same age left no room for my calling as a nurse and so I decided to concentrate on my second love – writing.

My passion for writing about the fantastical and love swept, started at an early age. I lose myself in daydreams and what if’s whenever life spares a free minute. I am a huge romantic but also love drama, mystery, intrigue and the unknown.

My Goal — to create worlds where people can escape to for a few precious moments, places where magic is the order of the day, and love is served on a silver platter.

I hope you enjoy what is on offer.

Thanks, Michelle. We’re going to learn about your new release, but first I’ve got three questions so we can learn a bit more about you. First, what inspired you to become an author, and how old were you at the time?

I was a young child when I scribbled down my first tale. My great grandmother was a phenomenal story teller, I was ten when she passed. I spent hours listening to her tales of her and her rat bag older brother as they grew up on the sugar cane farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa in the 1920’s.

Because I suffer dyslexia I never was able to fall in love with the language, that and the fact that my year seven teacher refused to teach a dumb child, but I had and always will have a great love for storytelling.

You’re to be congratulated on overcoming the challenges and on persevering with the storytelling! Thank goodness you didn’t let that one teacher put you off your dream! Now, next question: Who are your favourite authors, and why?

Juliette Marillier – she has the most amazing skill of bringing legends and tales to life in epic saga’s.

Diana Gabaldon – This woman can write men like no other author I have ever read and… we all like kilts 😉

Dalene Mathee – a south African author. Go read Fiela’s Child, Circles in a Forest, The Mulberry Forest and you will see why.

Ah, epic love sagas and men in kilts … yes! Okay, one last question: Where are your books set? And have you been there, or spent significant time there?

Some are set here in Australia. One Epona a WIP which starts off in South Africa and ends in the Highlands of Scotland.

Ooooo … that’ll be one to watch for, for sure! Now, let’s hear about this new release of yours. And just as a heads up, M C D’Alton’s book tend to be more on the spicy than clean side. See comment below **

My latest release though, Memories of Love, is a Romantic suspense based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is based on the legend of Tristan and Isolde, but it is definitely inspired by the original star-crossed lovers, except that this time they do have a happy ever after!

Final MOL 1 - MC Dalton


Isabella Irish, an up and coming artist, wants to get on with her new life after a bomb blast robs her of her memories.

Mark Cornwall, her manager, persistently pushes for more than a working relationship.

The appearance of a stranger stirs lost memories and deep feelings she can’t explain. Roses, honeysuckle, and a brush with death, lead Isabella to uncover her past and the true love of her life.

Find Memories of Love on Amazon by clicking here.

** With the exception of Roan’s Desire (paranormal erotic short story) in the ‘Romancing the Stones’ Anthology, my books are spicy (not clean) romances. So, there are love scenes but they’re not over the top. I like to leave something to my readers imagination.



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