SusanToday I’d like to introduce Susan Count, my fellow CIR author. Welcome Susan, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello!  I’m Susan Count, and I’m owned by three horses and blessed that one of them allows me to ride him. He is a Rocky Mountain Horse and he makes my heart smile with his antics. Watching my equine treasures graze in the pasture is calming and inspires horse tales. When I’m not writing horse adventures, you can find me riding and singing for joy on the forested trails of Sam Houston National Forest.

As a child, I didn’t love reading until I was introduced to the classic horse books. Now it’s what I love to write. A story on your heart will nag at you until you agree to write it down. Writing carried me through a season of grief and remains one of my greatest delights. The books were written for my grandchildren that they might remember how very much they are loved. When you put one of my books in your child’s hand you have my promise that it will nourish their mind and guard their heart.

While horses are a big part of my life, the stories are complete fabrication. And they are more than just horse stories. They are a slice of life in a family with all the inherent struggles and joys. Reviews from readers encourages me to write more. While my books are geared to juvenile readers, their grandmothers tell me they loved feeling twelve-years-old again. I call that a double blessing.

I think we share a lot when it comes to horses–I too have three horses, and get to ride one of them, an Arabian mare who I love dearly. Your books sound wonderful, and as a way of learning a bit more about them, I’ve got three questions for you. First, what inspired you to become an author, and how old were you at the time?

I adore crafting a story from the first draft all the way through the last edits. My biggest regret is that I didn’t write seriously sooner. I wrote my first book at sixty-two years old after a season of grief. Writing gave me great joy and I knew I was moving into a new season of life where I would be walking in my God given gifting.

Well, I wasn’t a lot younger when I started to write–you’re never too old to learn and do something new! Next question, do you read the reviews that others leave for your books?

Yes, indeed. They inspire me to keep writing. Reviews posted by the parents of my young readers—are golden. I write middle-grade and no age is more vulnerable or impressionable. I feel strongly that children that age need to have their hearts guarded and providing them with wholesome, adventures is my delight.

That’s wonderful to hear! Knowing your books have made someone happy–there aren’t many better feelings, are there?  Now, one last question. Where are your books set? And have you been there, or spent significant time there?

My settings are completely fictionalized. I imagine this wonderful world of bliss. Then I torment my characters with things not going their way and watch how they handle it.

Fabulous! Now, let’ find out about your books. You can find Susan and all her books on Amazon, and below is the link to her newest release, with a GORGEOUS cover!

Or you can connect with Susan on Facebook.

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