1Today I’d like to introduce Rachael Eliker, my fellow CIR author.

Rachael Eliker is an avid reader and author with eclectic tastes, a life-long horse fanatic, and self-taught home renovator (a skill which has been tested on every home she’s ever owned). She forces herself to nurture her love/hate relationship with running by jogging along lonely stretches of country road with her cowardly dog who would leave her for dead should anything ever happen. Married to her very own absentminded rocket scientist, together they have more kids than most people can comprehend. When she’s not writing, she enjoys mucking stalls, riding her geriatric horse, milking their ornery Jersey cow, and wondering what life would be like as a celebrity if she wasn’t content being an introvert.

We may be on different continents Rachael, but we are kindred souls … well, perhaps I should say that my “kids” are all “fur-kids” but the rest rings true!  Now, Rachael has a brand new book out, but before I tell you about it, let’s have Rachael answer three questions for us.

First question, what three things would you say are the most important for an aspiring author to keep in mind as they begin their writing journey?

Seek and gracefully accept critiques from peers because who else knows the growing pains of writing better than fellow authors? Secondly, know when to say ‘thanks’ to a critique but leave it because it would change your story in a way that doesn’t speak to you as the creator…every time I beta read for another author, I try to make it abundantly clear that my notes are merely suggestions, so take ‘em or leave ‘em. For me, especially as a newer author, it’s sometimes hard to turn down suggestions. In the end, it’s your work and your story to be told! And, READ, READ, READ. I feel like I have grown exponentially as an author, not only as I’ve spent time writing but that I’ve studied my craft by reading what other authors have put out there.

Words of wisdom there folks … listen up! Second question, what was the inspiration for your latest book?

As with all of my writing, a touch of the fiction story is rooted in truth. Though I am not a world-famous singer/songwriter like Ruby (except when driving in the car…), I do happen to be married to a brilliant-yet-absentminded rocket scientist who some days seems to barely have a shred of common sense. The inspiration for the story stemmed from there, wondering what life would be like if I were someone capable of performing on stage. Of course, it’s always fun to imagine from behind the comfort of a computer screen without risk of stage fright.

I’m always amazed watching television talent shows … there are a lot of talented people out there. Now, for one last question, how much time per week would you spend writing? Or are you a full-time author?

At the moment, I am often found in the middle of a flurry of young children who like to have attention and be fed once in a while (weird, huh?). So, if I had the time to be a full-time author, I guarantee I’d be able to fill forty hours a week without a hint of writer’s block (Agatha Christy always said the best time to write a book is when you’re doing the dishes and I have TONS of practice with dishes), at the moment, writing is more of a creative release I enjoy. As I’ve progressed as a writer, I have found that if I schedule the time, the time is there. On average, I write for about an hour to two every day, outside of keeping up with a personal blog. Does writing silly Facebook posts count, too?

I’m impressed! The energy of youth … ahhhh …  Now, tell us about your books.

I write the way I read: there isn’t much that I don’t enjoy! So far, I’ve dabbled in Young Adult with a competitive horse-riding/fantasy (that was a fun one to write!) series and another suspenseful dystopian series. The latest release is a fun romantic comedy. No matter what I write (there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I have to keep a list so I don’t forget), all of my books are clean. You could recommend them to anyone from your middle-school niece to your grandma without fear of making anyone blush.

You can find all of Rachael’s book on her Amazon author page. And here’s a link to the newest book.

And here’s Rachael’s newest book – which looks fantastic!

Thanks for joining me here today Rachael — it’s been a pleasure having you.



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