author photoToday I’d like to introduce you to my fellow CIR author, Tara Meyers. Welcome Tara, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

At nineteen, I was recruited into a secret government program, where my memory was erased .. wait — that’s the outline for a potential book. Sorry, my real biography isn’t quite as interesting, but I’ll give it a shot! I live in the Pacific Northwest, and when I’m not writing, I’m out beach combing with my dogs for sea glass, or hiking in the rugged Cascade Mountains. It’s the perfect backdrop to fuel my creative genius. *rubs hands together evilly* You’ll find all my adult romantic suspense and cozy mysteries here, and on my OTHER profile (secret identity ;)) Tara Ellis, I keep my middle grade and young adult books. Check them out, You might like those, too!

I also write middle grade mystery and young adult scifi under the pen name of Tara Ellis

Wow, you had me going there for a moment! So, before we learn any more about your books, I’ll get you to answer three questions for me.

What inspired you to become an author, and how old were you at the time?

This is perhaps the easiest question for me! At an extremely young age, I used reading as a form of escapism. (A healthy form!) No matter what was going on in my life, I could retreat to a feel-good world with Trixie Beldon and her friends, or into a slightly more mature escapade with Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. At an older age (5th grade) I got into Lois Duncan and then even Stephen King, but it was the Trixie Beldon series that held the greatest influence over me. I think I was about six when I first decided I wanted to be a writer. I was reading the little golden reader books before pre-school, and I could never get enough. For me, the ability to create that safe haven for someone, to escape to a place that feels good and they want to keep going back to share the exciting and fun stories is amazing.

If you could tell your younger self something you know now, with respect to your writing career, what would it be?

To not give up so easily! I got very discouraged after an unsuccessful try at getting traditionally published, and I really wish that I had stuck with it.

Yeah, wouldn’t we all!  If we could have only known then what we know now …  Anyway, last question. As a science fiction writer, how hard was it to come up with your alternate world?

I had a blast creating my world. Actually, why I loved it so much is because in The Forgotten Origins Trilogy, it takes place in our “real” world, except that it isn’t what we were lead to believe. I used several different historical references and writings to create an alternate reality. When you start digging into these ancient texts, it’s really quite intriguing. So, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with my “reality”. 😉

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Now, you have a brand new release!  Why don’t you tell us about it.

You Can Lead a Horse to Murder 3D Promo

There’s a killer in Sanctuary, and the prime suspect is a horse!

When spirited Ember Burns is led back home to open her own veterinary practice, her first client lands her in the middle of a mystery. It starts as a desire for Ember to clear her name, and turns into a personal entanglement in a rapidly unfolding story of lies and deceit.

The small mountain town of Sanctuary has always had its secrets. Who can be trusted? It’s been ten years since Ember lived there but roots run deep. Discerning friend from foe isn’t an easy task. Relying on her intelligence and instinct, Ember tries to piece the clues together as the town gears up for its centennial celebration.

From the quaint historic shops, to the rugged mountains surrounding them, Ember works to unveil the true culprit before they get away with murder.

This is a fun cozy mystery with a traditional whodunit story. There are two minor cuss words, no graphic violence and no sex. I would rate a light PG.

You can grab the book on Amazon by clicking here

Or see all Tara’s books here.

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