Any of you that have read my books know that I try to avoid the use of foul language, I don’t have any strong violence in my stories, and although my characters do have sex it takes place behind closed doors. That’s my view/opinion of what “clean fiction” is. I also know there are probably as many other opinions as to what “clean fiction” is as there are people to express them.

However, I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble upon a group of like minded authors who belong to a group called Clean Indie Reads. You can visit the blog here: CIR

At Clean Indie Reads (CIR) you’ll find fiction in almost every genre that has been written using the same definition/guidelines of clean fiction that I abide by, plus others that apply even stricter guidelines. There are millions books out there on the internet and in books stores, and at a guess I’d say there are hundreds of thousands of authors, but if you want to discover authors that avoid the use of foul language and keep the sex scenes behind closed doors, CIR is a great place to start.

And to help you discover new authors, for the next six months (and probably longer so long as all goes well) I’m going to feature a CIR author to give you a little insight into them and the books they write. So stay tuned, my “Meet Other Clean Indie Reads Authors” posts are about to begin.